FLOWER FLOWER at Jujitsu Cafe (Utsunomiya) January 26th



Amazing report made by Akabane Ouji  
Translation by Kikino and amethyst.jr91


I usually write about YUI in this blog, but lately many fans started talking about an artist called “flower flower”. And what on earth is flower flower? Is it a solo artist or a band? It looks like she performs at several places, but the time and places are completely uncertain.

The other day, I got an info of a live performance from a strange guy. I had no idea if she would really perform, but he told me it was very likely to happen. So I closed my laptop. I thought if I miss this chance I might not get another, and I could get I ticket if I bought it now.

They informed me about this as if saying “Go and make a report about it” So in the next instant I put myself in motion.


I was at Utsunomiya the 26th at 15:30. About 10 youngsters were already present. A sign at the entrance said “SOLD OUT” and there was no list of any performers published

By the time of the opening, at 4:30 about 50 people were gathered.

I felt like I’ve seen this people at a certain artists’ live concert I went before. And I thought about another 50 people there felt the same.

Since this venue was a cafe, it seemed to be an actual store, but it was a warehouse made of Oya Ishi.
Details: Ooya ishi Wikipedia

This day at Utsunomiya had a penetrating cold from the blowing north wind. The youngsters waiting outside were taking cover from the cold behind the warehouse.

The staff started to call in reference numbers in order. This type of live was unusual, but they were very strict about taking pictures and recording audio. What is the meaning of this…

This time’s performers were male guitar players only, but the fourth performer was a short girl of about 19 or 20 years old called flower flower. A light complexioned girl with brightful blonde and short hair. Wearing a light brown long sleeves blouse with a Batman logo printed on it, a big orange muffler and trousers with a flower pattern.

Is this a fashion style that can only be seen on Souen? (a fashion magazine)

Before that, a guy apparently from the staff brought her guitar and tuned the guitar sitting on a chair and sang a little when adjusting the microphone…

When the first song finished, she greeted us by saying “This is flower flower, please treat me well”

It seems like flower flower is about this single girl. (I think it means that flower flower is solo)

This day, flower flower played 5 songs alone with her guitar. One song was related to “Flowers”
It is a song that has an important clue of why she call herself flower flower. It’s the most uptempo song, so I couldn’t catch everything in my memo.
It starts very low in volume, so I couldn’t get the first lyrics right. In the chorus included parts such as “I bloomed while deleting my life” and “I continue blooming in my mind”. It was the song that I liked the most. I was attracted to it in one instant.

I’m sure every songs have their titles, but she didn’t say what it was, so the title is uncertain. For now I will call it “flower flower’s theme”

I felt like this was clearly the craft of a genius. A work and scheme that leaves you with a strong impression, more than J-POP does. With only one guitar it gave you a feeling of simplicity.

A mysterious song, like a never-heard strange song. The lyrics had a strong impact too. With a “tsu cha tsu cha tsu cha” stroke “Before you know it, the flower withered and became earth, Uh ~ It’s beautiful in its painful sorrow” and “Sinful and precious flower that will never vanish from my eyes”

I can’t think of even one other artist able to make such a song…..

“It’s cold isn’t it?” “I came from Sendai today in my car, everywhere is getting colder” I’m using three body warmer patches.”

After that unsophisticated MC, she sang a song titled “Takaramono”

There was this married couple very dear to me, who helped me a lot in the past. This year, that mom became a star (passed away) This is a song about those two.
When she introduced this song, I remembered about the program “Music Lovers”
I tried to write the lyrics of “Takaramono” (Precious thing) but it might not be accurate.

If you were to die, take my life too
“Why? stop that!”
You said with a troubled face

Love is a shapeless thing
But it certainly leaves a lot of hints behind

Let’s live with a constant smile
It’s okay if we get crushed, let’s laugh.

A world without you
has no meaning to me.
And yet you gently scolded me
as you always use to to

If the world came to an end
I want to see my beloved one,
and tell him “Thank you”

I might also forget how to love
But I want to be by your side!

Even if one day you hate me
These feelings will not vanish.
I have no words to transmit this
but my feelings are overflowing.

Hey, (……) look at my eyes (lyric was hard to hear)
I’ll always love you who has a surprised-like face
You’re my treasure
If someday I disappear
You must live properly

Took this from the second day, but I couldn’t understand the part in parenthesis. Some parts might be wrong also. Since I was frantically taking notes it didn’t leave any impression. It was a slow tempo ballad.

She started to talk about how she got to Utsunomiya. “I did something terrible falling asleep on the passenger’s seat” “I woke up suddenly and saw that the window was frozen” “When I opened the window, I woke up people who were sleeping” “I set the air conditioner at 25ºC and the cold air disappeared” “I had to react to the requirements of the moment, right?”

That was the MC with undefined subject. Her speaking voice sounds as beautiful as music.

I think we all have times when breathing a sigh. I made a song in times like these, and it became a harsh one.

Sighing, I drank a coffee although I can’t drink it
It’s all right, let’s stop, everything’s gonna be all right
You said to me not to be deceived and laughed
I don’t understand

It began. Discontent and hatred. A song that confessed emotions of resignation. “I am sick of pop melodies”, “If I lived swimming against the current, there wouldn’t be a place for me”, “Let me sing freely whatever I want!”, “Disappear! x8”, “Forget it, I give up. I really want to hold on tight.”
… and things like that

Like Elvis Costello said “I can make completely bright songs with sad lyrics, and sad songs with cheerful lyrics”

Flower flower sang negative lyrics to the point of strangeness into a lovely and healing melody.

The cold in this venue was something I never experienced before. It was a warehouse with a tall stone-built ceiling, a penetrating cold blew from above to your feet. I bet it was tough for women and men above 50 years old. And as for the performers it was no different. The couple in front me only came back for flower flower. There was a firewood heater in front of the stage but (lalala I don’t know.. it was not working or something.)

“It’s so cold I should stand… I should stand and then sit… or maybe I’ll just quit…. “
After that feint of MC, she started to sing “Kaeritai Basho” (The place I want to return to)

my dear friends, they’re all the same
talking at ease, singing as always
this is the place I wanna go home
whenever whenever just like that
as I wave hand, feels like I can step forward to tomorrow
again, talking at ease, singing as always
“come here if you miss me”
whenever whenever try our best
the place I wanna go home is ? ?
whenever whenever just like that

At the “Lu lala lulu” part she would replace by “Lelele no le” and “gegege no ge” asking the visitors to sing along.
At the ?????part she would include the name of the current venue.
And to finish, the song of which I don’t know its title.

There are common days
where you calmly laugh
with that, my heart’s dyed in happiness
if I am to put a reason to live
it would be to meet you
can you hear me?
thanks for giving me this kind of feelings
the world with you feels so lovely
connected forever, live well wherever you are okay?
my love, please stay with me forever

At the end, all artists stood side to side and sang “Aruite Kaerou” by Kazuyoshi Saito.

Is this a default at Utsunomiya? flower flower sang the “uso de gomakashite, sugoshite shimaeba, tanomi mo shinai no ni, onaji you na asa ga kuru” part. Then they left the stage by saying “be careful at the way home, don’t catch a cold”.

1. flower flower’s theme (title unknown)
2. Takaramono (treasure)
3. Coffee
4. A place where I wanna return to
5. Saiai Hito (My love, title unknown)

I experienced something unbelievable. Thanks to the person who gave me this information.

I want to thank (him) my biggest gratitude. I wrote a report for people who couldn’t come. I was happy that I could come although my physical condition was not well. I managed to secure a seat where I could see the stage clearly, about 50cm in front of me, I could see the beautiful aura of flower flower… I’m really anxious about the first song. Aah, I wanna hear it once more……

The other artists were a high level artists. Especially the only electric guitar player called KUDANZ, his (?) voice was impressive. Konishi Touta (from Sakura Merry-Men band) was also impressed with flower flower even he only met her once.

PS. This is really out of topic, but wasn’t anyone who came to the live noticed? In front of the venue entrance, there was a storehouse, may be a company, with a suspicious nameplate.




There is a second report of another performance the next day. We are working to translate it as soon as possible.

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