FLOWER FLOWER Diary 2013.05.25 & 27



“Te” Diary
Translated by amethyst.jr91

“te” is from “tekitou” (appropriate).

I want to quitely spend the cloudy days.
Slowly and comfortably.

I do some scratch in a note while drinking coffee at a cafe.

I wonder if tomorrow will be a sunny day?

I think it’s okay even if it’s cloudy.
No matter how it will be, I want to enjoy it.

Don’t forget your socks!

(We’ll) do the best for tomorrow~




Nice weather, right?
Translated by waratte and Hatsumichan

Can you read that?

With the nice feeling weather at Metrock, tension was really high?

????????????????????????(?´•.? • `?)?
Thank you very much to those who came ?(?´•.? • `?)?

I look forward to being able to meet you again. Eagerly.
It ended up being a proper diary wawawa~