FLOWER FLOWER Diary (2014.08.30) – Download started!!



Download started!!
Translated by Tetulou Haluta

Hello, this is sacchan.

And the download of the theme songs of which FlaFla was in charge started !
Congratulations on the release of Little Forest !

Thank you.

“Aki” is done as a FlaFla that’s a little bit mature, so please support it as an attendant for the season from now on.

And let’s go to the theater, everyone.

It’s mura?jun.

I think both “Natsu” and “Aki” were made as wonderful songs.

???????????????????????FLOWER FLOWER????????????????????????????…???4????????FLOWER FLOWER???????????????????????

After the release of “Kamisama” some of you must have wondered “where on earth is FLOWWR FLOWER planing to go with this style??” … LOL.  I felt through making these songs that the very sound we four create itself may be FLOWER FLOWER.

Please also look forward to “Fuyu” and “Haru” ! I’m grateful for your going to the theater ! !

(Personally, I like “Fuyu”)

Good evening, this is mafumafu.

The movie Little Forest opened to the public and the download of “Natsu” and “Aki” started.

The songs made through sessions by the members imaging the four seasons. The songs were also made in a short period through a chemical reaction in a good way. It’s a good band, isn’t it?

If you listen in a good environment of the theater, you’ll be able to hear clearly one sound and the other. So I recommend you go to the theater.

“Fuyu” and “Haru” are also good songs. Please look forward to them !

??????yui?? !
Good evening ! It’s yui !

From today, the theme songs of Little Forest are digitally released !

I think Little Forest is the movie with relaxed screen image but still moving your heart. I hope those who want to look at themselves again and those who want to listen to the songs of FLOWER FLOWER at the theater (LOL) should check it out. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation !!


??????http://recochoku.jp/artist/2000141230/ …?

mora: http://mora.jp/artist/342683 

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