YUI-Lover Forum 3.0 Launched!



Many of you might have noticed we already have a new forum!

We did our best trying to keep all posts and usernames. Obviously, since the new forum is under a new server we couldn’t keep your passwords. So the first thing you have to do is to login on the top of the page, and then hit “Forgot your password?” That way a new password will be send to your email.

New adress will slowly propagate to some countries, so you might have to wait a day or two to see the new forum properly.

If you have any problems trying to login, you can still go back to the old forum located at http://s14.zetaboards.com/YUI_Lover/index/ You can post on this thread a the Helpdesk and we will solve any issues you might have.

This new forum has new features we will be releasing with the time like new emojis, Yupi currency, Happy energy and a Shop!

For now Tapatalk is fully operational so you can now access YL easily through your smartphone!