Happy New Year from YUI-Lover.com !



Most of the world has already started their first day in the new year…but as I am writing this post from where I am (Vancouver, Canada)…it is still 2012. ^^

Nonetheless, once again on behalf of the international YUI-Lover Fansite & Community Staff, we would like to wish all YUI-Lovers and fellow visitors a wonderful Happy New Year!  May the New Year bring us more happiness, success, and good health! Best wishes to everyone on their new goals and let’s face these challenges to the best of our abilities!  (And of course, continue supporting YUI and her journey with music! ^_^ ).

Georgina // gotchi


Yesterday, December 31, 2012, there were many TV broadcasts where YUI had performed the following:

Good-bye days – 63rd NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen ?????
fight –  R no Housoku NHK R???
CHE.R.RY & feel my soul – CDTV

These performances are probably the last we may see on television from YUI (well of 2012 at least…). Until then, we will wait for her and see what she will bring when she accomplishes her new challenges! We’re looking forward to it.

We will post more about these performances later =) Time to go enjoy the last bit of 2012.