It’s happy line and Taiyou no Uta — PATi PATi July 2007 Issue




Original transcript from Akabaneoiji


This is a talk between YUI (19) and Takashi Tsukamoto (25) that was published right before the premiere of Taiyou no Uta. About a year after the recording of the movie .
Below, an extract regarding “It’s happy line” and how it was chosen to be included in the movie.


This time, a third song was included, your famous indie song “It’s happy line”. It seems you re-recorded the song without changes in honor to the indie record.
That’s right. We made it to be used as background music for the movie. But since we went through all that trouble, we thought of also including it in the single.

How did you decide to use it in the movie?
In the movie there is a scene where I sing by myself in the street. But before the actual recording we had a rehearsal to have an idea of the type of atmosphere we wanted to achieve. So that time I casually sang that song, and somehow we ended using it in the actual scene.

Feels like you ended singing in the street a song that you actually sang in the streets (in real life).
I was probably closer to Amane Kaoru by the time I wrote that song. That probably influenced me… And then, at that time I was living in Fukuoka, singing inside my house would be an annoyance to the neighbors, so I would go to the beach or the rice fields and sing listening to the sea and looking at the stars. I think that’s why I felt it was close to Amane Kaoru, so I chose [It’s happy~] for Kaoru when singing alone. But on the other side, I’ve become proud of this song. I think it has a really good chorus (Haha).



Years ago there was a discussion in the forum about It’s happy line having two different versions that turned out to be true.
The version in the indies single and the version included in Good-bye days single have slight differences in the lyrics. But despite having 2 years of separation between the recordings, her voice is so similar you can barely hear the difference!!