Kamakura: Taiyou no Uta Tour (Part 2)



By Cyclo and Jun

#3: Enoden*
#4: Stairs to Amane Kaoru’s House and I Remember You PV filming location*
#5: First Kiss*
#6: Bus Stop*
#7: Beach*
#8: Amane Kaoru’s House*

#3: Enoden

The Enoden is an old train system that runs through Kamakura (from Kamakura to Fujisawa), and is the reason for those cute little train tracks you keep seeing throughout the movie. It is also featured at the start of I Remember You PV, although it used to be green instead of blue.

Very vintage feel to the train

The tracks cut through the town, curving around and passing by houses very closely.

I got really excited even before we arrived at our stop because I saw that. Do you see what I see yet?

#4: Stairs to Amane Kaoru’s House and I Remember You PV filming location

We get off and run toward it.

Two wins in one photo.

Time to play: Guess the scene!

Jun is still busy entertaining the screaming (lucky) viewers who got to watch it on Google+

Sugu ni aeru, I remember you~

From Kaoru’s eyes.

The view from up here. Can’t really see the bus stop yet, so this is not the right house Kaoru lived in!!

#5: First Kiss


We head back toward the tracks where we came from.

By the way, all this is within a 50m radius of Shichirigahama Station (?????).

If you didn’t notice, this very section of the tracks was also featured in I Remember You.

Turn around and see this… don’t remember?

How about this angle?

How about a night shot??

Yup, you can see the house clearly from here.

Do you know which one is the correct house Kaoru lived in?

Let’s take a couple of steps backwards…

#6: Bus Stop

And turn around.

Brings back memories doesn’t it xD

Even though it was my first time there, it felt like I already knew the neighbourhood!

We walk just 20m down that road…

#7: Beach

Following the sound of crashing waves and the sea breeze…

And see some people walking on water…

Time for another round of guess the scene!

The sound of the waves and the seagulls/birds/hawks (I don’t know what birds they are but there are a lot in this town, all this while that’s the background sound by the way) was really soothing so we sat down for a break…

Jun couldn’t resist and the lucky YUI-Lovers on Google+ were treated to some Goodbye Days instrumental live from Kamakura.

Lots of people at the beach even though it was freezing..

And you can even see Mt. Fuji from here…

But it was no time to hang around because our mission was not complete!!

#8: Amane Kaoru’s House 

We set off for the last location in this area: Amane Kaoru’s House.

Jun couldn’t find it the last time he came, we knew which house it was but couldn’t find a way to get to it!! It was frustrating.

Street after street…

And asking for directions…

And more streets (all this while listening to Taiyou no Uta soundtrack xD)

We see this. I think we’re close… we took one more turn and..

We finally find it!!

Too bad it was under construction though… Seemed like no one lives there now and we were talking about how we should buy it!! We didn’t dare to trespass into the property.. but totally wanted to go in for a look.. especially out that second floor window…

From the ground floor just outside the fence.

Yup, close enough :)
We were done for Shichirigahama. Stay tuned for Part 3 where we head another filming location of I Remember You, Driving Happy Life, and get a bird’s eye view of the entire city of Kamakura!

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