Maimai’s blog (2010.08.09) — ROCKIN!



Translated by NihongoYokunaiDakara

ROKIN has ended. One day have passed.

Yesterday I hibernated (?) lol

I had no time to rest my body —– (cries)

And, summer festivals have ended! I said to Robin. kuwa~n!? wan!? he replied barking!!

He is a genius!!

Robin said “It was fun wasn’t it?”

I just said “thank you, robin” and I stroked him.

Back on topic!

There was good weather that day too!

Eating together before the performance?

Under the beautiful sky

Setting before the performance!

After the setting, a pìcture with everybody in the fes.! It was hot, Really thank you very much!

During the performance!
From the stage I looked t the back!

And this time too, as I thought… I ended up crying…

To mother ????Good bye days???????????????
To mother and Good bye days… the lyrics are… “something”

FInishingf the performance, I said to backy “Now I want to do one LIVE more” (laughs)

With everyone!

The best members!
It was fun right?!!

Second part! members introduction!!

Manipulator Youko-san!

The relation between Youko-san and the drums is very important, everytime —, it goes deeply connected and I have the privilege of doing a relieved LIVE !

Stylist Datecchi!

She designed all member’s clothing!
Nowadays, the clothings she brings, they are always the coolest buys —- Thank you for always help us!

Engineer Chihara-san!

I entrust the sound of my life to him!
With the sounds made by Chihara-san, time and time again —— It’s a great feeling!
Even being a person, I respect him as a sempai in music!

Monitor Ume-san!

This time, there was no rehearsal so in the stage there could be a couple of troubles, in the stage he prepared the sound of the 5 of us one by one! We received the good vibes of all

YUI and Backy-san’s responsible rowdy?! Yamaguchi Acchan-san!

This time Acchan was busy, I couldnt get a picture… next time!

Acchan is guitar, bass and vocal producer / maker, he also embrace and heal members emotional state, we depend on him!!

There is still one member!
I couldn’t get permission to publish the picture. Next time!!
Everyone’s hero still haven’t showed up to anyone!

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