NHK airs YUI to Minna no Terebi fight


Alright so relying on my super limited Japanese language ability…haha…I shall attempt the most vaguest and generic summary of this video broadcast! ~ gotchi

The NHK N-CON Choir Contest pretty much brings in many school choirs in for a yearly competition. YUI was selected as the artist to write a song for one of the choir competitions. With ‘fight’ each student choir orchestrates their own versions of the music.

This NHK “YUI to Minna no Terebi fight” television program starts off with some video footage we’ve seen before. This show ties in with Sept 9, 2012’s NHK FM YUI to Minna no Radio broadcast. This is where students submit what “fight” means to them (?) and YUI reads/talks about them in the radio broadcast. This television show features video footage from some of the students’ messages.

One of the first student messages is from this girl named, Seika, whom also sings and plays guitar. She talks about how she felt after hearing YUI’s ‘fight’ and about not giving up and that things aren’t easy. A boy named, Kaito, who likes Japanese calligraphy is also shown. All these students, break down YUI’s fight lyrics and discusses them. (someone with higher level Japanese can probably briefly describe what they’ve said better…).

Back in July 2012, YUI had made a visit to a school on Hachij?-jima island where there is an 11 member student choir. She meets with (i believe the choir leader?) Sumida-san, the young girl, and each of the students in the choir. Hachij?-jima island is 10 minutes from Tokyo by plane. When YUI arrives, she comments on the nice weather and how she’s a bit nervous but is looking forward to this. Sumida-san, leads YUI to meet the choir members but also gets to have a one on one conversation with YUI-sempai~~! YUI listens to what Sumida-san has to say and how it’s tough when everyone’s going through a hard time (I think….) but you must be able to talk about it even though it’s a heavy thing to talk about these feelings…(??)

YUI watches them practice and gathers all the students to sit in a circle to talk. The students ask YUI questions …when she was 16 years old and how she had deeply thought about her feelings about how much she loves music. (don’t understand what else is said….)


The students have a break, YUI and Sumida-san visit the student’s grandfather. They have a little taiko (japanese drumming) drumming session =). (the grandparents are so cute hahah…)

The students also write letters expressing their feelings/thoughts on ‘fight’ and share with them with YUI. They’re thankful to meet YUI. YUI also thanks them for sharing their letters. (…dont understand what they’re saying….really but it just feels like they’re all expressing themselves, their feelings, and YUI is listening and thanking them).

They go out to the sea and warm their vocals up…but they all kinda scream out towards the ocean. the kids are cute, they scream thank you and fight! YUI screams “HAPPY~~~”

The student choir performs their version of ‘fight’ and then YUI also performs. At the end, she gives her guitar pick to Sumida-san too.

The show follows the Hachij?-jima choir group all the way to the NHK Competition. Unfortunately, they did not win the competition. Although, they did not get selected to win, the students said they will practice harder for next year, and that they had lots of fun at the competition. They’re grateful for the experience and had fun together.

At the end, you can see all the students in the audience singing ‘fight’ with a few of them crying~~


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