Staff Diary (2012.09.28) — YUI net is pink!



YUI net is pink!

Hello everyone!!!

YUI-net??SHE LOVES YOU???????????
YUI-net has changed to “SHE LOVES YOU” theme!
After readings all the happy messages left in the message board
I keep feeling I’m feeling like “I think so too! I think so too!”

You can really feel how every artist have their own style
with a girly and pink atmosphere,

It’s like they’d been thinking about the party in the venue and
the members who gathered with enjoy the party to the fullest…

This is it! This really sounds like a “Girl’s party” right?!

????????SHE LOVES YOU?????
Looking at this. if you listen to SHE LOVES YOU
your enjoyment will double for sure! Yeah!

Okay, changing the subject, I think many people already say B-PASS.
The outfit and makeup used in the shots was completely “autumn”

But the truth is that the shooting was on a “It’s autumn, but the sun is blazing” type of day…
But you couldn’t feel such heat right?

That’s our team member YUI! It’s because she’s a “pro”!!!

Nevertheless, in that hotness “The Vampires of the End of Summer”
appeared in large quantities in the neighborhood near the shooting place.
It was really painful!!!

Right when you stayed still they would aim at you,
so the staff was kicking and wiggling not to get stung.

In the mids of it, YUI was being phographed,
so she couldnt wiggle.

Team member YUI was standing still all the time
All the time.

As I thought this is because she is a PRO!!!

Also, after the shooting was over, she had an autumn-like dress, so

She had tights on, so….

Splendid… trully splendid…

She was stung NO.1 times…

I didn’t count how many times she was stabbed,
but looking at her made my feel like crying…

… With such “Utter Gutsiness Theather” coming to your mind,
Please take a look at B-PASS if you havent…
(No, no. Just take a look at it nornally!)

?????????????to be continude???
Well then….. to be continued (?)

By the way in this picture you can see the staff waving fans franticly
to swipe away the vampires gathering around YUI’s legs.
This was also a weeping point.

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