PATi PATi April 2006 issue (Interview)


Transcription taken from akabaneouji
Translated by Kikino, panda and Hirotana.

This interview is related to FROM ME TO YOU release.

I have become strong, did you ever think of that?
Yes I did!, for example in Tomorrow’s way there is a lyric that says “I feel like crying”
But now, even if feel like crying, I can hold my tears good enough

Where there times before were you did cry?
There were times where I would just let all my tears go. However, but now it’s the contrary. Perhaps I could turn myself into the opposite. I was weak in the beginning, so I wanted to become strong. I thought “I have to pretend to be tough”. Now I write about this revolving feelings. I expressed this feeling like being in a maze on these lyrics and words. However, comparing with my older self, I think I have become a little stronger.

I don’t put that much thought into it, I use it to express different things in the songs. “atashi” and “watashi” both are images of a girl but “atashi” is probably a bit younger and stuff like that. However, for “boku”, I tend to write it with an innocent feeling.

So when you write with this distinction is it kinda already decided naturally inside you?
Yeah, I don’t decide to do it before writing. It just naturally comes out this way.

So for words like “mama” too.
It just comes out naturally. Even though I don’t usallly say words like “mama” (Haha). However, all the feelings I put in the lyrics they are certainly somewhere inside of me, when I want to express these feelings, I’ll just naturally write things like “mama”.

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