Staff Diary (2009.11.24) – Rehearsal


Translation by Fujii_Itsuki



Otsukaresama de sweets!

YUI had a rehearsal today!

The members were,*
On the Guitar, Kuro-chan,
On the Bass, Backy-san,
On the Drums, MaiMai-san,

The feeling of the members becoming one,
and the enjoyable atmosphere surrounding them,
manage to come across really well.

There are moments where it felt as if,
The sound of everyone’s laughter was louder compared to
the sound coming from the musical instruments (laugh)

Somehow, it seems like a brand new song is born!

Well then, the month of December is almost here,
So you don’t lose to YUI or the band members,
You should all march forward with laughter too!


*e.u band members

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