Staff Diary (2010.02.02) – It’s Been a While


It’s Been a While

Translated by MrSean

Hello, everyone
Otsukaresama de sweets!

Today, after a long time
we are back working in the studio~
and there’s a somewhat gentle melody floating in the air

As we guessed
it looks like they are having fun writing a new song in the studio.
YUI is in a great mood!
Yahagicchi is also in a great mood!

We also looked at the message board
?For my song to have given impetus to everyone’s dreams and goals makes me very happy. But even for the best, most wonderful things, be sure to pursue it as yourself, OK? was written there.
(she’s basically saying be true to yourself, or stay yourself, regardless of your goals)

Today also ended well~
dewa dewa

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