YUI Diary (2010.01.30) – Original mug cup!


Original mug cup!

(Translated by Eugene Ang & Fujii_Itsuki)

Thank you very much for all the original mug cup applications!

?STAFF DIARY?????????????
The photos were even posted in the staff diary.
I’m really glad!

Thank you very much everyone!

In addition, the news of 4 consecutive No.1 surprised me!
It’s all thanks to everybody’s support.
I’m really grateful!

From here onwards, in a relaxed and my pace manner like usual,
While looking forward of the future, I hope to work hard!

Also, in the midst of all that,
I went to watch [Avatar]!
It’s my first time watching a movie in 3D,
The images seemed to jump out of the screen, it feels really cool!

The movie itself was superb and I was deeply moved!

Well then, let’s proceed forward enjoyably-!

Adetar! (Adieu+Avatar)


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