Staff Diary (2010.06.14) – Interview Days


Interview Days

(Translated by yupeh)

????? ?????!
Everyone, good day!
Otsukaresama desweets!

? ????????
Finally, it seems like the
Kanto Region is starting to have rainy days.

YUI????? ???????
Recently, continuing the interviews and photoshoots,
YUI is very happily talking to
various writers and

Posted Image

YUI????????? ?(?)
On a day interval from interviews,
YUI is calmly listening to
Icchii?san’s intense talk. (laughs)
Somewhat there’s (always) a day full of humor that passes.

Posted Image

? ????????!
The homepage has been renewed as well.
We are grateful to your immediate response!
It’s really lovely!

Dewa dewa adieu~n!


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