YUI Diary (2010.06.14) – Renewal!



(Translated by Kikino!)

minnasan, Good evening

It’s YUI.

Are you ok?

? ???????????????????
I’m spending the time doing recordings and interviews!

???? ? ??????
Homepage renewal!
Album and Tour confirmation!
Revival of SCHOOL OF LOCK!’s ?YUI LOCKS? for a limited period of time!
Album’s jacket picture!

?????????? ????????
A lot of new announcements have been made!

?????????? ?????????????
I have the presentiment that from now on there will be a lot of fun things!

Dewa dewa, Adeu

Recently, they said ?The “P.S.” are longer than YUI-chan’s entry? (laughs)

YUI ????
It was YUI.


P.S. (?)
P.S. (Laughs)

The other day we went to Saitama’s Iruma for a photoshoot!

It was one a lovely street with a pleasant feeling?

Posted Image
? ??????????
Street of the photoshoot at Saitama

?????? ?????????????
Everybody in the staff had a great time too!

Posted Image
? ????????
Conmemorative picture with the staff

??????? ???????????????
Also, on a different day, I had an interview and photoshoot and
On the way back home from the photoshoot, There was this bustling sound, and when I went to chek it out. They were carrying a portable shrine!

Posted Image
? ???
Portable shrine

For some reason, Conmemorative photo. (Laughs)

Posted Image
? ?????????
Conmemorative photo, Portable shrine

? ????????????????
Dewadewa, Let’s happy chan tomorrow too!

? ??YUI BLOCKS??????????????????????????


? ???????????????

Then, I took the YUI BLOCKS challenge, thank you for those kind of comments!
I took the chalenge too but it’s dificult right?

I’ll try to get high scores?
A new game! Thank you Icchi!


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