Staff Diary (2010.07.07) — Nagoya City Campaign!


Nagoya City Campaign!

Translated by little martin

Mina-san, Konbanwa
Otsukaresama de Sweets!

Nagoya City Campaign was today!
When Staff-san arrived at the station
we said, “There’s going to be a heavy rainstorm in Nagoya today”

it cleared up (laugh)
Could this be YUI PAWA again too..

We went to the always helpful
television stations, radio stations,
record stores, etc.

We met many people
and received a very warm welcome.
YUI enjoyed her time there!

Being able to briefly meet those
fans who attended the open recording,
we were shy but still went with pleasure!

Everyone we met today
thank you very much!
dewa dewa adieu~n!

Driving Happy Forum!

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