Staff Diary (2010.07.14) I — Premium DVD part2


??DVD part2.
Premium DVD part2

Translated by Kikikokori

Good day everyone
O Genki DAYS desuka?
Today is the release!!!!

HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN have come ne?
Very soon, summer will arrive too!!

??DVD???Music Video????DIARY????????
Well, a while ago
We wrote a Diary looking back at Premium DVD’s MV recordings
We wanted to introduce to you the remaining contents.


I tried to say “I’m all right” but thats not true right?

I will try to be tough but
In the instant when real intentions overflow…

“Namidairo” describes such feelings
YUI singing alone with her guitar on room with a gentle light shining in
Those thoughts are —

This recording was made in the midst of winter

On a really cold location
Everybody said “Just a little!!”
and they went running to buy warm clothes to Uniqlo (laugh)

?Laugh away?

????Laugh away??
“Don’t worry about smal things, I didn’t want to meet you anyway”
Spring song, “Laugh away”

Music Video?????????????????
MV is about the feeling of beign wrapped by a clear world.

?Laugh away????????????????
Similart to escaping to the blue sky, with a clear atmosphere
Laugh away’s world is a splendid match.

here, again, it was a cold day recording.
In the meadow where it was located the shooting place, there was still some snow remaining
It was a recording to receive the spring in advance.

Music Video??STORY???????
The appeareance of the STORY part within the MV
Is about the fleeting love of two youngsters!

???Laugh away?Music Video?
????????STORY??Laugh away ?YUI Acoustic Version??
??SUMMER SONG???GLORIA??Music Video???????????
Laugh away MV’s love story
of a boy and a girl is tied together with
?Laugh away ?YUI Acoustic Version?? ??SUMMER SONG???GLORIA?

?It’s happy line??Music Video??
And, the illusion inside an illusion clip!
“It’s happy line” MV!!

The clip recorded in her hometown: Fukuoka
Now, looking at it makes you feel NOSTALGIC.

Suddenly it makes me recall my own hometown…

And, YUI is young!! Artless!

?It’s happy line????????????????????
???Music Video???????????????????????
Concerning “It’s happy line” there was a high demand from all the fans
this time the MV was included in the compilation*

Certainly, it’s something you want to see.

????????to Mother??Music Video??
Furthermore, “to Mother” MV too
Multi angle clip is included in the compilation!

Multi angle clip is…something like this ?

4??????to Mother??Music Video??????????????
???1??4?????Music Video?????
a “to Mother” MV that you can see from 4 points of view!!
In short, a video that you can see 4 times in one.

?????to Mother?Music Video?
Even more I think you can be
inmersed in “to Mother” MV’s world.

???Music Video????????????????????
As for the normal video, there are also non included cuts
please be adviced!

Anyway, the new album’s premium DVD
look foward to it ok?

Everyone, together with HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN
please enyoy a lovely summer.

I’m sorry for the long entry DAYS~

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