Staff Diary (2010.10.08) — “Rain” jacket photoshoot!


“Rain” jacket photoshoot!

Translated by kiki

YUI?DIARY???????????New Single?Rain??????????????????????
Following the written in YUI’s DIARY, the other day we went to take the pictures for the jacket of the new single “Rain”

We intruded into two ambiences of that cafe
We went to make a photoshoot at night.

Nights are already unpleasantly cold right?
While shivering a little, we were able to make a warm photoshoot in that scene!

I think that “Rain” is being broadcasted repeatedly on radio and the like
You have listened to it, havent you?

It’s a song that makes you feel pain in your chest.
at the season starting from now on.
By all means, I want you all to feel kyun kyun!
(Kyun= tightening of the chest caused by strong feelings)

This jacket looks like it overflows an outlook of the world.

Maybe just a little, we uploaded the general figure of the photoshoot.
while feeling the ambience, complete it with your imagination, please.

“Rain” Jacket photoshoot 1

Rain” Jacket photoshoot 2

Rain” Jacket photoshoot 3

By all means, look wforward to Rain~?

The flu is here and there, it looks it became popular.
Please, everybody, take care!
Let’s sleep warm!


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