YUI Diary (2010.10.07) — Osaka, YUI LOCKS and more!



Translated by Sakuraich, Kikino and Kujiro

It’s YUI

Are you guys staying healthy?

I am relieved that the tour is progressing smoothly

(Osaka international convention center)

The two days in Osaka, Everyone who came, thank you very much!!

Thank you very much to the helpful Nakashima Hiro-san grom FM802!!

Also, thank you everyone for your support!

Osaka day 1



Osaka day 2



This time we weren’t able to eat Takoyaki, I was in a good mood beacuse we ate Tsurutontan?
(A restorant were they serve Kansai-style udon)

After the 2nd day in Osaka I went to Kyoto and Tsutenkaku!*

In Osaka, we went to take a look at the Billiken too!


It’s good to touch the soles of the feet of Billiken-san, His soles were shaved(?) so I touched them too!

In Kyoto, I went to see Heian Shrine live event “Moonlight Feast”!


The ilumination they had in Heian Shrine at night gave a magical atmosphere

with the fusion of music, I felt an uplifting power. It was a great live.

????????????????????????????HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?
I spend everyday with a fulfilling feeling, I have some free days until HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN in Niigata!

I look forward to seeing you there!

dewa dewa, Adyu



Yesterday, I went to shoot the CD Jacket!

(Jacket shooting)

It was in good atmospheres of Yokosukashi and Fussashi

Everyone by all means please look forward to it ~

School Of Lock!?YUI LOCKS????9/27????????????????

School Of Lock!?YUI LOCKS?, 09/27 was the live broadcast of the lessons cancellation.
I had a sad feeling, and because I wrote “matane” on the blackboard, I am expecting we can meet again.


To the helpful, Yanmo-sensei, Isao-san and Yagi-san, thank you very much!!

and without a break, (laugh) I continue to thank you!

Thank you everyone who joined me for the red blue campaign!!

Dewadewa let’s be happ-chan!