Staff Diary (2010.12.13) – Live in the Dark


Live in the Dark

Translated by waratte

???CM??Play You.?WEB??????
???Your Heaven?
Good evening everyone!
Have you checked out the new song
?Your Heaven? on the Play You
TV commercial or website?

????????Live in the Dark??
Live in the Dark was held today.
Thank you to everyone who came.
Did you enjoy Live in the Dark?

I think I’ll just give a short report on how rehearsal has been going.

The audience surrounded that square stage
in 360 degree guest seating.
The performance was lit similarly to this preparation.

YUI’s figure faintly hovered there in the dark.

1????????????????Your Heaven???
And the performance began.
As the first song, Your Heaven, was introduced,
you couldn’t see YUI at all in the dark.

This may have been the first experiment into pure live sound in the dark,

I had the privilege of this precious experience,
and I am truly happy for it.

??????“Play You.”?????????project?
To the entire staff participating in
Walkman “Play You” ?Kimi no Shiranai Oto Project?,
thank you very much!!

e.u.Band members are also grateful
for the musicial performance in the dark.
Immediately following the end of the live, 96-chan said
“In the dark, I won!!” in an impressive exclamation.

????????????Your Heaven???
With the performance of the new song ?Your Heaven? today,
it was decided to release in late January 2011!!

I will provide more information as it is revealed?
Please look forward to it?


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