Staff Diary (2011.05.14) — Starting from Tomorrow (Today?) it’s Hong Kong!

Starting from Tomorrow (Today?) it’s Hong Kong!
Translated by Kikino and Pandino

Good evening minna!
The quiet temperatures have a good ffeeling right?

?HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~??????
Well then, YUI is doing her best
promoting ?HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~?
and also working on a new production!!!

YUI was addicted to that puzzle ring, and since she couldn’t solve it, she went to internet to secretly find the answer.

Today, a scene of YUI’s interview for a magazine.

YUI’s spontaneous talk exploded, we’ll show you an example.



Writer-san:?Your concert in Hong Kong has been decided. If you could take only one Japanese food to Hong Kong, what would that be?

YUI: Uhm… There is one, isn’t it…  Ah! It’s Bread!!



It was really ,,,, interesting.

<He always manages our visits around stores on the day of the releases, superstar businessman!

From tomorrow (today), YUI will be in Hong Kong

and for the first time have a one man performance press conference and promotion!!

What kind of adventure shall unfold!?

Still, I found time to make a report!!

Dewa dewa

Good night!!!



<Taking care of Sony’s Boss’ back, YUI so kind>