Staff Diary (2011.05.29) — 3 Days left!


3 Days Left!
Translated by azmikun

everyone, good day.

this is everyday’s signs of rain, the temperature is
quite calm, so I think it’s so comfortable.

?HELLO ?Paradise Kiss???
????:31? ????
Well, Finally it’s next week!
?HELLO ?Paradise Kiss??
(31 May, Tuesday in Shop)

YUI is doing a lot of activites like a promotion and

producing activity
and also rehearsal.

<MaiMai and Risa>

<and this is YUI>

Everyone as a whole team
at east give their best to reach the target
one by one!!

?Paradise Kiss??
Which reminds me, ?Paradise Kiss? will be released
next week too.

<by the way, this kind of sticker is attached in first press CD!>

How this (songs) are use in the movie?
certainly, please check it ok!!

well then, we can’t lose to rainy season,
let’s raise up our spirit!!

well then,


Everyone, as always thank you
for your message!

we always have fun reading it.

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