Staff Diary (2011.07.15) — Summer Festivals Rehearsal ! !


Summer Festivals Rehearsal ! !

Translated by waratte

Good evening, everyone.
Well it’s hot isn’t it. It’s hot anyway.
If you’re suffering in the heat, please do take good care not to have heatstroke!

Midsummer day continues into today this year
Looking forward to summer festivals, YUI is rehearsing every day.

From top left:
Instrument Supervisor Aatsuutsuu, Band Manager Yuusuke-kun
Drummer for summer festivals Chris!
And Kuro-chan, Backy-san
From bottom left:
Manipulator Youko-san, YUI, Arisa

When I was about to take the picture, YUI suggested that we yell
“Yes, Cut the Cheese!!”.
Everyone has a nice pose, don’t they.
We are sending such awesomely fun members.

????1????JOIN ALIVE???????
The first summer festival is “JOIN ALIVE” @ Hokkaido!!
Just a little while longer! We’re looking forward to it!!

YUI and Kuro-chan during today’s rehearsal.
They matched up and down, looking like a pair.

In rock t-shirt and dickies!!
They go together, don’t they.

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