Staff Diary (2011.07.25) — Hokkaido ! ! !



Translated by MrSean

Come along to Hokkaido!!
The first YUI and Company Late Night Air-G has arrived.

?JOIN ALIVE???????????????????
It’s called ?JOIN ALIVE Pre-performance Sharing Memories!? Denpo Real Jack?

Hisashi-san’s regular program?Satayan?Monday?live broadcast turned into a group meeting, and also Icchi? & Yuusuke’s birthday parties we were able to deliver to you in real time.

Thank you so much for sending messages to us in real time!!!
It was that special kind of late night mood,
and we had a very enjoyable 3 hours.

We returned to the hotel at sunrise, and everyone took a nap,
the stage will be at Hokkaido Greenland!!

As expected from Sunny Girl YUI!
It turned into perfect, calm festival weather

The outfits this time are the new 2011 summer festival goods polo shirts that the entire band wore as a uniform. Blue like the blue sky, ne.

From the left
ARISA, Backy-san, YUI, Icchi?, Chris, 96-chan!!

and before the performance, the traditional ring.

Let’s Enjoooooooy?

?JOIN ALIVE?????????????????????
Because?JOIN ALIVE?is a performance staged inside an amusement park,
the background made up of a ferris wheel and greenery made for a superb view.

Under the blazing sun
clapping and happy cheering!!

Thank you very much!!!

After the end of the performance,
everyone sign autographs on the ferris wheel.

What wonderful memories we made!!!

????1???JOIN ALIVE?
The first summer festival?JOIN ALIVE?
was really a lot of fun!!
Everyone that came out to see it, everyone that sent messages,
and to all the staff that take care of us,
thank you very much!!!

Look forward to it!!

Everyone, please be careful of heatstroke, ne.


Icchi? & Yuusuke
Happy Birthday!!!

Ichi-go Ichi-e!!!!

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