Staff Diary (2011.11.11) — Two More Days!!


Two More Days!!

Translated by xerith

Hi everyone,
unfortunately it was raining today.

?????????????????YUI 5th Tour2011-2012??
Finally, the day after tomorrow is the start of “YUI 5th Tour 2011-2012”.
The rehearsals have also drawn to a close.

We’ll let you have a peek at the stage set.


Yep, this year the theme is “Cruising”!!
We’ll have a LIVE with everyone on the ship.

YUI, (band) members and the staff all look forward to meeting you there.

????Lock On???????????
And to continue from last year’s “” dance,
this year it’ll be “Lock On” dance.

You could watch the video of the dance moves found at our home page’s banner. (<== Loosely translated) Please memorize the dance moves along with your friends, lover or family members and have fun dancing together at the concert venue. ??????? ??????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? Furthermore, today YUI san is featured in “Music Station”! Please check it out!! We look forward to your messages? Click here to visit the forum?