YUI Diary (2011.11.10) — CD Stores-san.


CD stores-san.

Translated by Kikino

Good afternoon everyone.

It’s YUI.

Have you all been alright?

Thank you very much for all the comments ?

As for me, I’m rehearsing everyday getting ready for the first day of the tour!

?????????????????????????(><) I’m very nervous... Minasan, I hope you can let me perform on a gentle atmosphere (><) ????????? I can’t wait ? ?????????CD??????????????? Also, we went around the CD shop as we use to! ?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????? Regarding the album, there was a huge installation for me, it surprised me!! I’m really really grateful.

Thank you so much for the handwritten introduction and handmade panel too!!

I’m curious about the continuation of “Kaito Royale”

I’m also interested on “Mitsu no Aji”… (Individualistic obsession)

Being into dramas makes you feel one week is too long.

How strange!

Anyways, we need to take to not to catch a cold!


“How much is your adieu?”

A special Adieubum is now for sale ? (I’m lying, sorry)



The members for this tour will be, percussionist “Sakura”, the new partner joining us; Chris, the drummer who played with us this summer festivals; the younger in the group, our younger sister keyboardist “Arisa”; the guitarist obsessed with his reflex camera “Kuro-chan”; and the band master always taking the responsibilities, our older brother “Backy”!!

Please, support the band too. I’m counting on you ?

Dewa dewan!

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