Staff Diary (2012.01.05) (1) — Hokkaido~~



Translated by kicchan & Hatsumichan

????? (2012/01/05)

Happy new year!
From today YUI is starting to work
We will start the new year at Hokkaido’s Asahikawa Citizen’s Cultural Meeting Hall!!

As one would expect of Asahikawa, the place that has left it’s mark as having the lowest temperature in Japan.

We wore extra clothes, but being outside for a while made you tremble.

Right now the temperature is -3ºC…

The snow piled up higher than us.

If we speak of the concert venue…

It was buried in snow haha

When we arrived to the dressing rooms..

They had decorated it with New Year’s decorations for us?

Thank you to all the staff for your consideration!!

Speaking of the new year,
did you get your New Year’s gift?? (“Otoshidama” in Japanese, and it’s usually an envelope with money in it)

Although this is not a present from YUI
Starting January 1st, finally, YUI’s official application will be available for distribution!!

It’s a very easy to use application that you can use with quick and light movements of your fingers?

It is compatible with android and iphone (kinda <--lol Kiki), so please download and use it ok? ? iTunes?App Store???????????????????????????????????? It was featured as a new arrival to the app store of iTunes in the music category so please search for it.

Well then, this year too Onyuu????

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