Staff Diary (2012.01.17) — Finally, it’s tomorrow!!



Finally, it’s tomorrow!!

Translated by Hatsumichan

Until Budokan,

there’s only 1 day left

We’ll sleep, and when we wake up, it’ll start?

To all the people who cheered for YUI during this tour

we were able to come this far because of all your support.

Encounters are miracles aren’t they?

Let’s have a fun Cru~ising tomorrow too?

Here’s one shot of YUI’s scribblings during the Chitose Performance.

It’s the famous words of Tokugawa Ieyasu that showed off his personality.

(So Tokugawa Ieyasu’s famous words are: ????????????????????? “If it won’t sing, I’ll wait until it does. Hototogisu.” (A type of cuckoo bird)
But what YUI wrote on the board is “If it won’t sing, I’ll wait until it does. Hot Dog.” LOL)


I have the feeling…

that something’s wrong……. lol


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