YUI Diary (2012.01.17) — Asahikawa!! Chitose!!



Asahikawa!! Chitose!!

Translated by Hatsumichan

Good Evening!!

It’s YUI.

It’s been a while..

How is everyone doing?

At last, tomorrow is the Tokyo performance!!!!!

?????????(>_I’m going to get nervous~ for sure(>_

But I think it will be wonderful if we can all have a fun time!

Please favor me tomorrow?

And also, I’m a little late, but the Hokkaido Live!!!

was extremely fun!!

As expected, the snow in Hokkaido was crazy wasn’t it.

But it was a strangely comfortable coldness.

First off, Asahikawa!!

Since it was the first concert of 2012, I was very nervous, but when I went out onto the stage, I was surprised!

The atmosphere in the venue was very warm and the enthusiasm came across to me very well.

I was very happy.

?????AIR-G’??? ???????????????
In Asahikawa, I was indebted to AIR-G’s Takayama Hideki-san.

Ishikari Nabe! (salmon and vegetable hot pot) And then, penguins!

I heard that you can see penguins walking around in the Asahiyama Zoo?

I was preparing for the concert and couldn’t go to the zoo, but I would love to try to go next time.
I wonder why penguins, on a pretty high probability, always seem to face the same directions as all the other penguins.
They’re so cute~.

I received a lot of power from this concert!!

Everyone at Asahikawa, I truly thank you very much?

The day after the Asahikawa performance, we traveled by bus.

On the way there, there was a sled left at one of the parking lots, so everyone had fun sliding around.

And then, Chitose!!

?Green a.live??Music Video??????????????????????????
Since the place where the “Green a.live” Music Video was filmed was close by, it felt like “Ahh It’s been a while since I’ve been here.”

Even at Chitose, there’s a very “at home” feeling about it, and I was able to relax?

?????AIR-G’?? ???????????????
In Chitose, I was indebted to AIR-G’s Hayashi Yui-san!

There was all this wonderful information about Miso Ramen and Soup Curry, seafood and all these other delicious foods that is there.

That day was Manager Isshi, and Stage Props/Set Staff Member Ogawa’s (or Kogawa…. depends on how he reads it…>.>) Birthdays, so we all celebrated together during rehearsal.

At both Asahikawa and Chitose, I think a lot of people came from very far away places through the snow.

Really, thank you very much for rushing over for me!!!

Tomorrow is Budokan!!

It’s cold, so please come in warm clothing(^^)

I hope that tomorrow will also become a happy day for everyone?

Adieu Dekkaido~. (Play on “dekkai” which means “huge” and “Hokkaido”)


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