Staff Diary (2012.07.11) — Meeting to plan the Music Video



Meeting to plan the Music Video

Hello, everybody!
In Tokyo there is good weather,
but from western Japan to the south of Tokyo is raining a lot, are you all okay??

Please take care if you are going out.

Okay. Today we had a meeting
to plan the Music Video for “fight”

This time’s director is the one who achieved big success
with the premiere of it’s film “Bokura ga Ita” a couple of days ago!

And, the true is, he was also a staff member from Sony Music Records.

Takahiro Miki!


The truth is that there is a link with YUI previous to her debut.
He was in the core staff back then. Great!!!!
We are under your care this time!

The contents of the recording were also packed with a good feeling
so the only thing left is to do the shooting!

The whole staff is really looking forward to this.
Everybody please, do the same!

thats all.


Takahiro Miki directed many of YUI’s older MVs. You can see more details on YUIkipedia

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