Staff Diary (2012.08.31) — From tomorrow it’s September!



From tomorrow it’s September!

August ends today!
August, see you next year!

Hello everyone!
Septemer will finally start tomorrow.
However, with the usual hotness, I still can’t feel the “A” character in Autumn.
At this time of the day.

We have reached the countdown for the release day of fight!
As you can realize from the continued blog updates
YUI is struggling hard (?) every day!
Information about her media exposure is being published little by litthe
Let’s stick our “YUI antenas” carefully!

Well then, to finish…
Because of yesterday’s picture of YUI’s “tepehero”
had an enourmous reoercussion from everybody.
Today…. Todayyy!

We are sending a picture of the male members of the staff!
(We don’t accept BOING)
From left to right
Stylist asistant: Nagai-san
The well known Icchy-san
Hair stylist: Jouji-san
Stylist: Arata-san
Borrowing this location to take this picture
they let us upload it! (weird sentence)

Also, on this side, YUI is taking the picture.

That’s all
Well then, before receiving complaints from everyone
No idea… (don’t care) xD

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