Staff Diary (2012.08.29-30) — In no time at all!



YUI???? (2012/08/30)


(It means like a cute pose when you do something wrong)

Thank you very much!!!!!




?????? (2012/08/29)
In no time at all!
Translated by panda

Hi everyone, have a good day like always.
Quick as a flash the staff diary has been updated!
Why is that, well…
?fight?which you have all been waiting for is at long last! finally!
going to be released next week!!!!

tada (jajan)?

We were probably overhyping it a bit for a moment there
please forgive us!!!!!

Well now, yesterday YUI went from a meeting to a television recording, in what was a tough schedule.

Ah, what was being recorded? We’ll have to tell you that at a later date.
(Rise your hand if you think there is a stingy guy in the staff!)

Also, today’s recording was another honest recording!
trembling with excitement!

“Let’s do this!”

See you next time~!


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