WHAT’s IN? 2011 November issue (Interview)



Another entry from the incomparable Akabane Ouji
Translated by PWRTSM, Kikino and Hirotana.

WHAT’s IN? 2011 November issue “How much is your love?”


This magazine is also very important. I got a lot of info from it. Explanations from YUI about musical compositions. I thought I knew a lot about YUI but in the end I feel like there’s still many things I don’t know. HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE is that kind of album. In WHAT’s IN? 2011 November issue this quotation is mentioned several times.

“Originally I really liked FUNK. So, by finding overly amazing patterns, I tried to make my songs come alive. It wasn’t just FUNK, of course I also liked PUNK, JAZZ and CLASSICAl too. Using the motivation from those types of music, also keeping the same resolution as when I first started with just 1 guitar, I went to make songs while treasuring both of these feelings.”

“Right now I can stand (walk) on my own two feet. Sometimes I would just sit down by the roadside and look up at the sun, however, there are also times where I get this feeling and just run like the wind. I’ve stopped feeling confused by those times. Perhaps going down a road where you don’t know what’s ahead is tiring, but going down a road you already know what’s gonna happen would be boring. I think I’ve come to understand that you need to make your own path.”

Get Back Home
“I came across this nice guitar and “To melt 200.000 yens is awful, but I want it” is what I thought (Haha). But regarding my feelings, because being supported by so many people plays such a huge part of person I am now, I think the most important is to bring happiness to all these people.”

“It’s almost the same as taking a stroll under a nice moonlight, I really love to take the train. When I look to the scenery within the noisy wagon I’m struck with so many ideas”

“By the way, To eat an entire shortcake at christmas is a dream right? (Haha)”

It’s My Life
“It’s not about whether our generation feels life is long or short.
It’s like, how we live in a rush, so hurried that we are always exhausted right? Apart from that, trying things even if I fail, thinking there will be another chance. I think there are so many things we can do in our lives.”

Green a.live
? Within a deep question the final line “I want you to come too” denotes the intention to go towards the future.

YUI: “Of course. That wasn’t my intention in the beginning tough. But I thought I wanted to become stronger by writing songs. I do never want to swagger, but I felt a strength within the warmth and kindness in the act of caring for others, so I delved into the theme: “what it means to keep on living?”. and I concluded that facing tomorrow is really important.”

From start to finish its full of wise words.
There is one part caught my attention. Its the passage about ?Cooking?. Below is an excerpt

? With this kind of song appearing, as a girl I am ecstatic.
YUI: “Thank you very much. I have always wanted to create a song in triple beat.
While walking around residential areas, the smell of stew would come from somewhere, and I would imagine a blissful scene. I wanted to place it in that sort of warm mood. In everyday life if you have a boyfriend, things like cooking, for a girl that would be the ideal scene right?”

? I imagined as though they’re still living in separate houses. It’s so impressive “Being on the way to happiness” It’s the best.

YUI: “It’s also nice to feel nervous before getting there right? Like in the day before an excursion (Haha). I tried to describe that moment between two people.”

? “Pancetta” fits the triple tempo perfectly no? Even more than bacon.
YUI: “It sounds trendy and it gives off the impression that you can cook. Even though I just use normal bacon (haha)”

? Do you like cooking?
YUI: “I’ve always thought creative cooking seems really fun. Just yesterday I made something at my mum’s house. Adding bacon and rocket to tomato sauce, I thought something was missing, so I added the “yakiniku sauce” from the fridge. Unexpectedly it worked perfectly with pasta.”