YUI 5th Tour Cruising ?HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE? (Oomiya Sonic City Hall Report)


YUI 5th Tour 2011-2012 Cruising ?HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE?

November 13th, Oomiya Sonic City Hall
First performance
Report by phyocc

[ 18:01 – Start ]

**Departure announcement**

(Opening S.E.)

M02. no Reason
M03. Nobody Knows


M04. It’s My Life
M05. I’ll be

(MC-2) ? Band introduction

M06. U-niform
M07. Separation


M08. Winter Hot Music (YUI Acoustic ver.)
M09. CHE.R.RY (YUI Acoustic ver.)
M09-1. Good night
M10. to Mother (YUI Acoustic ver.)

(MC-4) (Location of this MC corner was Saitama prefecture)

From FM NACK5 – WEEKLY NACK5 (month), the personality Tomika Yumiko’s (weblog) voice made an appearance.

1. On 14th of november its Day of Saitama residents so its a holiday for public schools.
2. In Koedo Kawagoe there is Penny Candy Alley ? in there, ?there are cheap sweets called butamen (pig+ramen= butamen)? and so YUI starts talking about it.
3. Oomiya’s Power Spot is Hikawa Shrine ????
4. It looks like there is yet one more Power Spot, “HeartY Rock” (It doesn’t really exists, just to make sure…)

M11. Lock On ? Instructive video (Flagmen)

Flagmen’s flags (Politely delivered at the entry)

By the way, the intructional video of how to swing it around is here (When holding it even though its only made out of paper… when doing these big actions, please be aware you could get hurt.?^^;?

M12-1. No way
M13. es.car ? Instructive video (Space Alien?)

(MC-4) Discovery of  “HeartY Rock”
(MC-5) ? YUI prays: “With many meanings, I pray for the harmony of Japan.”

M14. Green a.live
M15. Get Back Home


M16. Your Heaven

** Stopping at a port announcement~ Invitation to the encore **

? Encore ?

M17(En-01). Sea (again’s B-side)


M18(En-02). Cooking
M19(En-03). Laugh away


M20(En-04). YOU

(MC-9) Band leaves ? It became a custom? Now, to the street ver…

M21(En-05). It’s happy line (YUI street ver.)

**The final stop announcement**

[ 19:57(.30) – End ]

Cruising’s host (Departure, Stopping at a port and final destination) was “Capitain Lu”

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