YUI Diary (2010.10.11) – Concerning Noni


Concerning Noni.

Translated by Kippei

Good Morning.
Is everyone in good shape?
For me, I’m composing as always.

Today, it is about Noni juice as the title suggest.

Recently, a long time since I was taught/informed about the Noni juice

I finally bought it.

This Noni, will be easier to drink

when mixed with other juices.

It is mysterious that at different period the acidity, among other things, will change.
To me, it will be better if it turn sweet…

And then! Moving on to other topic,

New card game for cellphone will be completed!

?????YUI CARDS????
It will be titled, ?YUI CARDS?!

Game like this, is always the brainchild of Isshii,

a member of the staff.
It is always so kind of him,
to think of various interesting things!

Well then,

I’ll look forward to writing something indifference again.



We gaijin will never know what ?YUI CARDS? looks like…
Lets cry about it in the forum Y-Y