YUI Diary (2010.01.06) – Konbanwankosoba



Everyone, are you healthy~?
Did anyone catch a cold?
It’s freezing!
This is the YUI who needs heat tech/tights as daily necessities. <—lol! YUI humor XD

The website has been updated to a NEW version
And the application postcard’s special ?mug cups? have been completed as well!
Year 2010 is off to a favorable start?

In 2010,
In order to grow further (as an artist?), I intend to try my best!

Dewa, dewa,
As for updating the diary more frequently…I will do my best!

Everyone too, be careful of not catching a cold and let’s try our best ne.



*T/N: Konbanwankosoba = Konbanwa (good evening) + Wankosoba (soba noodles in broth served continuously so that the guest never have an empty bowl)
**Info and examples of ‘heat tech’: http://www.uniqlo.co.uk/heattech

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