YUI Diary (2009.11.23) – SOL!!


Translation by Miyuki and MrSean

School of Lock ! !

Good evening.

It’s YUI.

?????????SCHOOL OF LOCK!?????????????
The other day, after a long time, I had the privilege of appearing on ?SCHOOL OF LOCK!?.
It was not a good job or a bad job, but..

it was fun!

Thanks very much for all the posts!




Recently it’s been Recording Time in the studio.
At the studio, Shiba-chan(?)
bought me some herbal tea that is said to be good for your throat.

I tried it right away, and it warmed my throat and felt good.

Also, upon returning from ?Satya?an?
Hisashi Kondo brought me a souvenir

It looks like Royce has a new flavor, and it was delicious.

Lastly, the kanbou (Chinese herbal medicine) I drink on Recording Day.

You drink it in the morning, and your singing voice is good.



If there are other products I’m pleased with ,
I think I’d like to write about them in the diary.

Dewa dewa, everyone, let’s be careful about getting sick.



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