YUI Diary (2010.06.03) – Rehearsal!



Translated by Kikino!

Good afternoon.

YUI ???
It’s YUI.

Thank you for all your messages!!

I’m happy for all the impresions received (I’m missing something here)
Thank you so much!

And, tomorrow is MSta! By the say, Today I went for a rehearsal
It was very busy / noisy!

While Mai mai was teaching me to play drums,

Drums performance

While eating red bean jam doughnuts,

Red bean jam doughnuts

While taking a group photo in front of the mirror with everybody,

Group cellphone foto

We had fun.

Let’s have fun tomorrow as well!

In happy mode



?????? Y ???????????????(?)
Ah! For being nervous the “Y” came out smaaaall!! (laugh)

Dewa dewa, see you tomorrow!


???????????????? 000-28 ??????????????????????????????????
Today, I present to you the new acoustic guitar, your Martin 000-28 and the Jaguar I played in the past Matsuri-na.

Acoustic and Electric guitars

??????????????? ??????????
Then, at my feet, various efectors that I’m trying out


?????(Gt)?BIG MUFF?????????????????????????????????
??????????????????????????????? ??????
Kuro-chan(Guitar) lend me a BIGG MUFF. The distortion extremely raises your excitement,
But for now, that feeling does’t quite suit, so I returned back to Kuro-chan’s place..

? ????????
Dewa dewa. see you!!


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