YUI Diary (2010.12.28) — MUSIC STATION SUPERLIVE 2010



Translated by cyclo

Good evenin’ mateys.

’tis I, YUI.

Methinks ye have been in fine spirits, aye?

????MUSIC STATION SUPERLIVE2010?????????????
I had the honour of performing at MUSIC STATION SUPERLIVE2010 the other day!!

For that 4 hour long LIVE telecast, even though I was nervous thanks to the many performers present, I managed to sing soulfully.

To all those who gave me their support, thank you very much!!

And, I saw the Walkman CM! Thanks for the comments!

“As I thought, the towns of Sweden had a charming hue and ambiance”, I thought.

I believe the CM is still gradually being spread!
Please continue to show us your support!

As the end of the year approaches, everyone let’s keep an eye on our health management!

dewadewa, Adieu-STATION



My friend got addicted to a Korean Drama, and I was suddenly reminded of when he/she kept saying “Ajajafaitin”,

this really popular expression in Korea, so I asked the co-star for the meaning of it, and learnt that it meant “Yes, it’s here!”!

Speaking of which, as for the meaning I heard, it seems in Japanese we say “Eh-Eh-OH!”.

It’s fun learning something new?

The photo is of the Christmas cake I had with everyone from the band at our M-Sta dressing room!
It was delicious?

Thank you Saotome-san from Sony!!

dewadewa, Everyday with Happy-chan?

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