U-CAN Interview (It’s My Life) 2011.01.01


YUI was interviewed about her new song “Its My Life” that will be part of U-CAN’s new commercial.
Translated by The Three Stooges

To everyone on the U-can homepage, Hello, I am YUI.

Please tell us some secret story about your new song “It’s My Life”
When you start to feel anxious, anything can be reflected negatively, therefore I made this song thinking it would be nice to support people during these times.
This song includes this message: “Let’s not forget the passion of our original resolution, or Love.”

Just like the protagonists of this commercial. Did YUI-san have to pass through dark episodes and feel anxiety?
Yes, when I took the decision of quiting school and take the path of music. I was working in my part time job and yet, I was studying music and singing in the streets. So, towards my own decision, “Let’s start” became alive, and even now I’m connected to this thought.
So I thought “To catch my chance properly, I have to do it by my own means.” And I treasure those feelings.

Please tell us about some of the fun things you get to do as a musician.
To take part in musical movement, you get to meet many people, and I think its very interesting. Meeting many musicians filled with ideas and to listening very encouraging music. I think its really interesting and fun. I think I always want to treasure these encounters with various types of music and people who attend to those type of lives.

What do you like most about being a musician?
There are lots of times when I’m happy, however, because music has greatly helped me too, I am happiest when I receive messages like “stay well.”

Are there hardships that come with being a musician?
Although I don’t think of them as hardships, you obviously feel nervous during lives, also you have to consider alot when making songs, when writing the lyrics they too have to be properly thought out. Because of this each of these things have to always be treated with importance.

If you weren’t a musician, what kind of life do you think you would have?
I haven’t really imagined if I wasn’t a musician but because I’m conscious of no music no life, I have always concentrated on that. Now I am able to do activities as an musician I receive support from alot of different places and I am truly grateful for that.

(While looking at the catalogue) YUI please choose a profession that you would be interested in.
This is pretty bulky. There must be loads of things in here.
I have an interest in things like a chef license. Although I wouldn’t say I’m particularly good at cooking, I think it could fun with all the new discoveries I could make.

Lastly, can you give a message to all the people who are taking steps towards the future.
You will have times when you stumble, feel uneasy, get lost, or even take a detour but, at that time, with your initial resolution and passion, if you never forget those forward driving feelings then surely a bright future is connected to them. Never forget to always challenge yourself, I think I want to live too.

Well then, that’s all, YUI.

Source: U-CAN website

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