YUI Diary (2011.09.09) — TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION ’11



Translated by cyclo

Good evening.

It’s YUI.

Everyone, are you healthy?

????TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION ’11?????????????????????????????????????????????
Recently, I performed at TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION ’11, did television recordings, song recordings, event coverage, photo shoots, and such.

TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTIN ’11????????????????????????????????
TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTIN ’11 was a fashionable event held at Saitama super arena!

Being able to rouse the crowd was enjoyable?

For giving me the honour to perform at such a splendid event, thank you very much!!

Please do check out the television coverage, I would be very happy!

????STAFF DIARY???????????????????????
Also, thank you for the video clip uploaded in the STAFF DIARY.

The thoughts piled up into the song, included a very profound feeling.

I thought I wouldn’t want to forget these various thoughts and emotions.

Thanks for making it.

?????STAFF DIARY?????????????????????
Thank you Icchi for uploading the video onto STAFF DIARY too?

dewa dewa, because it is easy to fall ill these days, everyone please take care ????




?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Honey Bee???????????????????????????
During recording was there an unexpected imitation? Speaking of this, because Teramocchan drew goofy on a farewell note, Honey Bee’s shoutarou-chan imitated goofy.

I’m sure it would be fun if we could imitate various things?

????????Honey Bee????????????????????
Today, in a long while, I posted on Honey Bee’s homepage!


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