YUI Diary (2011.10.20) — Music Lovers!


Music Lovers?

Good afternoon, it’s YUI!

Minasan, are you all doing fine?

I couldn’t notice the change of seasons.

Are you all fine?

Let’s take care of our bodies to not to catch a cold!

???Music Lovers????????????
the other day I went to record Music Lovers!

Charming guests came too. I was able to do a recording while having fun!

thank you very much!

Thank you to everyone who asisted and enjoyed to the max with me!

Please check the broadcast by all means!

Dewa dewa, adieu!



Let’s take care of the ragweed and mugworth allergies too!

Photo album

The other day I went to a photoshoot and the cameraman who helped me that day gave me this.

I was moved by this beautiful photobook!

Dewa dewa

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