YUI Diary (2012.03.26) — Thank you very much!!



Thank you very much!!

Translated by panda, kikino & hatsumichan

And with today, I’m entering the 25th year of my life!

It’s gone by so fast (>_<)

I was 17 years old when I debuted, and I’m already 25 now!

“Since it’ll be my 8th year, I’ll put even more effort into it!” or so I’d like to say, but as I expected, I think I want to continue at my own pace too lol.

I’m really happy with all of the birthday messages from everyone?

I would certainly like to celebrate each and every one of your birthdays, but that seems rather difficult to do (>_<)

But if I consider that every day is someone’s birthday, an important day, I’d like to treasure those wonderful days as I live them.

Even though it’s my own birthday and my excitement level was raised by all the messages I received, for some reason I caught a cold and am heading toward the hospital. lol
(Don’t panic. Japanese people head toward the hospital/doctor’s office for even the tiniest bit of a cold so as to make sure that if they do catch something serious, they won’t pass it on to others (normally as long as it seems like they have a fever, they’ll head to the hospital. The fact that there’s a lol after her statement means that she’s probably only going there because it is a little bit more serious than the common cold.)

These are my thank-you messages in return for all of your birthday messages to me.

Washing your hands and gargling are important!

Don’t work too hard!

If you catch a cold, keep warm and sleep!


None of them have anything to do with my birthday though.

Everyone, thank you very much!!

For all of you, I hope that a lot of “Happy” and fortune will fall upon you?

I’m 25 years old~ Adieu.



I intended to watch all of Jack Bauer’s DVDs while I was 24 years old, but I forgot!!!


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