yui Diary (2015.07.01) – It’s been a while!



It’s been a while!
It’s yui.
Translated by knightwalker

Is everybody doing ok??
It ended up passing too much time since the last report diary (>_<) I’m sorry…
I think… I’ve delayed with the diaries about the album…
I wonder if what I wrote was a comment about Toumei na Uta?
And if you all remember it?

Even if I ask it again, I get surprised to know that you were all stoic
I remember when I was confined at a single house studio for Toumei na Uta
Being there everyday was about recording…sort of

So, I wonder if I was doing arrangements relatively without twisting up myself
I had everyone to do the last bass and drums arrangements differently from the way I was expecting but then the intro and the verse had changed.
Always, when I play the parts played on acoustic guitar with a relatively normal distortion on electric guitar, most of the time the sound doesn’t add well.

“Ah, singing the first verse of this song it’s difficult huh?”
So, the actual recording was in Hokkaidou right, mura?jun.? (laughs)

Certainly, it should had been at Hokkaidou.

I wonder if I could express naturally that emotional feelings of getting excited steadily.

That strange sound of the piano at the end (laughs) it seems that it was inserted by uni-san and mura?jun before I got to the studio in the morning.
Then, the “clank clank” at the beginning was recorded from something hung on the walls of the single house studio.

When we recorded this song (I wonder if it’s ok to say this? Is it bad? It’s confidential…)
uni-san told me he was about to cry and and that made me very happy.

The tension rises when I perform, and in certain sense I’m not calm, so on getting that calm thoughts it will become easier to see the next challenges.
Because of that, at times like this the impressions of the engineer becomes important.

Recording at Hokkaidou was fun~. We had fireworks and a barbecue and more?
I want to go again!

And then, lyrics came out from a mental image.
It came out from the chorus, in a sense as if my image about the city were flowing slowly.

Saying that there’s no interest on casual things, I wonder if I wrote a difficult theme. Simple words are embarrassing sometimes but, because they’re bare for sure I think it’s ok if there’s nothing to hide.
Now that I think of it, mafumafu told me if it wasn’t too lengthy to repeat the final chorus twice but now when I listen to it I wonder if it’s too long?

That’s how I’ve came to complete it!

I hope to be able to update now and then again(>_<)
Thanks to all the persons who had been taking a look at me!

Since it’s a hot day, take all care of your body, ok?(^^)