YUI LOCKS! BACK AGAIN (2010.08.16) — Translated report!


“YUI sound”

Translated by warapyon and kikicchi

???YUI LOCKS!??????????????????
Nyan. Nyan. Toshiko is meowing.
Probably because we’re feeding him, the YUI LOCKS! cat. Him name is Toshiko.

Toshiko’s favorite phrase!
What kind of phrase it will be, all pupils have sent them to us!
Today let’s introduce, “Toshiko’s favorite phrases” sent from everyone!
When YUI-sensei says the phrases, probably will be pretty excited!

Well, let’s go!!

???? 18? ????????????????
? Tokyo, 18-yr-old Male, Radio-name: Takahanada
“That’s right. I’m a strange old man.”

YUI-sensei: (afterwards says her strange old man imitation)
OK! Such a high level~. How I did it turned out completely different.
Something to study anyway! Next!

???? 15? ?????????????
? Tokyo, 15-yr-old Female, Radio-name: Ayu
“Can’t say ‘migi me migi mimi’ 10 times” <<< “right eye right ear”, a japanese tongue twister

YUI-sensei: migi me migi mimi migi me migi mimi migi me migi mimi migi me migi mimi…
This isn’t even possible to say 5 times!
With speaking practice, you’ll be able to speak your lines well. Right, Toshiko!

?”?? 15? ??????????????????
Moving on…
? Mie prefecture, 15-yr-old Male, Radio-name: Cycle Hit
“I can imitate a Kappa sound!”

???????????????????????????????? (?)
YUI-sensei: How does a kappa sound? This style of speaking is serious business!
For Toshiko to imitate, it’s difficult to do! So difficult! Ah, baby talk (laugh)

YUI-sensei is worrying that applications for Toshiko’s favorite phrase have been continuing for a long time.
Let’s all show our love for Toshiko! <<< Psh. Let’s all show our love for YUI !!!! :D

“Without wasabi tonight please!”

???? 17? ?????????????????????????????
Now, today,
? Miyagi Prefecture, 17-yr-old Male, Radio-name: Tenki-kun’s “Without wasabi tonight please!”
greeting was started from!

YUI LOCKS!???????????????
???????????????????????? (?)
Sent to YUI LOCKS! “Good evening” variation.
However, this greeting does not mean that we’re taking requests!!
Since there’s no application mail form, please be careful (laugh)

Now then, after a long time, today’s lession.

YUI sound!!!

“YUI sound” comes from “YUI’s sound”
Music listened by YUI-sensei in the past and music she’s listening just now. A lesson to listen with everybody!

Today, music wich YUI-sensei listens to in the summer and music she wants to hear when summer comes every year.
In short, “Summer YUI sound” introduction!!
What kind of songs do YUI-sensei listens to?

First of all, song #1 is?

YUI-sensei: When I watched the DVD, I thought that his way to play the acoustic guitar was great.
I choosed this song because it gives me a good feeling and the image of listening to the roar of waves, singing to my own accompaniment.
The sound of acoustic guitar always gives me a really good sensation!

M?Posters ? Jack Johnson

YUI??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (?)
YUI-sensei: I thought it was so cool~, maybe the sound of acoustic guitar won’t come in? I realized it half way. It looks so. (photo?)
I had the idea that acoustic guitars always come into Jack Johnson’s CDs, are?
but the comfortable feeling of this song is great.

Moving on…

YUI-sensei: As for this song, I listened to it by chance in the rehearsal studio.
and before that, I went to some of their lives personally,
having the privilege of listening to their music, this song has a sense of speed.
I would like to listen to it at a live house or the like. This is one song!

M?????! ????! ? HiGE
Tequila tequila / HIGE

YUI-sensei: The pop melody part is great.
Like in the song called “Onion Song”, a very lovely song wich would flow too (really not sure)
Certainly, next time! (I’ll play it)

Now, last, “Summer’s YUI sound” 3 musical selections!

YUI-sensei: This song has a very nice mood, so I feel like listening to it in a big place on a summer festival.
I’d be nice to see it at a summer festival, but I think it’d feel a lot better at a night summer festival.
Talking about night summer festivals, I’d like to try such situation with this song!

M?Party In Your Bedroom ? Cash Cash

???????????? ???????YUI????????????????!!
YUI-sensei: Today I introduced 3 songs, I brought a lot of CDs and it was hard to choose.
Summer is full of songs wich suits the season and I want to listen to a lot of them!
Summer is nearing its end! Pupils listening to YUI sound, let’s experience summer with all our heart!

Also, you can listen today’s single word after class on mobile, making the announcement
“Next week there will be an important notification”!?

YUI-sensei’s single word after class can be hear every week on the mobile site???

M?again ? YUI
M?Posters ? Jack Johnson
M?????! ????! ? HiGE
M?Party In Your Bedroom ? Cash Cash

Source: Tokyo FM

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