YUI LOCKS! BACK AGAIN (2010.08.23) — Shake My Heart -World Version- was played!


Another day, another history made. On today’s episode of YUI LOCKS!, YUI broadcasted our world version of “Shake My Heart”. She also read out the countries and the message we sent her.

Translated by : azmi, waratte & kikino

7?19??YUI LOCKS!??SCHOOL OF LOCK!?????????????
?Shake My Heart?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
On July 29th’s YUI LOCKS! We paid a visit to SCHOOL OF LOCK Band Club.
We uploaded “Shake My Heart” chords, and asked everybody to copy and send demo tapes so… One have reached us!
What?! It came from Singapore!! Thank you very much!!

????YUI LOVER??????????YUI??????????????????????2005??????????????????YUI?????????????????????????????
We are YUI LOVER, the biggest international online community. Established in 2005, currently it attracts people who love YUI’s music from many nations of the world.
Currently, people from 14 countries have gathered to make a cover.
We don’t know eachother, but thanks to YUI-san we were able to sing together.
We will always support YUI-san! Thank you very much!
Dewadewa, Adieu! Sayonara! Adios! Good-bye! Au revoir! “Sampai Jumpa $%¿&!” Sai cien!

YUI ?????????????????????????????????????????????14????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
YUI-sensei: There was a part I couldn’t read, but the message was fully transmited. I’m really happy! The 14 countries were: Singapore, Australia, Chile, Indonesia, Philipines, France, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, Holland, Brazil, USA, Malaysia!
How?! There were 13 songs in a CD-R, I think it is really worth listening to it. Meanwhile, I want to listen the song wich everybody participed in!


YUI???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????
YUI-Sensei: It’s great~ right?~ A lot of feelings are transmited! The chorus was properly made with high and low voices and such, Since there were male and female voices, somehow, a really bustling feeling is transmited! I’m really happy! Thank you very much! I wonder if (this comment) will reach them? Thank you!


????14????Shake My Heart???????????? 17? ??? ??????????!???????????????????????????
Today, For the 14 country’s “Shake My Heart”, I used “KonbanWORLD” from Risa-chan from Kanagawa !

? ????…
? This evening…

YUI ??????????^o^ ??????????????(?) ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…????????????? ????????????????????? YUI???????????????????…?
YUI-sensei, KonbanWORLD! ^o^ It was a little global feeling (laughs) Wich reminds me, The name of escalator’s handrail is “Handrail”! I wonder why I’m talking about escalators all of a sudden…? I’m a little interested. Summer vacations will be over in 10 days~ YUI-sensei, I’m taking entry examinations so please give me your support!

2010/08/21 00:08
Female/17/Kanagawa Prefecture

YUI-Sensei: It’s called Handrail uh? I didn’t know it’s name!
Even if I had listened “Handrail”, I feel like now I listened it for the first time, Everybody knew about this right?
Risa-chan! you did your research right? Thank you very much! Risa-chan, Give your best in your exam!!

??????????????????YUI LOCKS!?????????????????YUI LOCKS!????????????????????????
Okay, today too, YUI LOCKS! started with a curious greeting. Today’s class, in accordance with the preliminary announcement, we will perform “YUI LOCKS! National Tour Campaign Project”!

YUI??????????YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN????9?12???????????
YUI LOCKS!???????????????!!
YUI-Sensei’s national tour ?YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?? will finnaly start on September 12nd!!
If we say about YUI-sensei tour, of course EH!!
2nd and 3rd tour, each tour we did it…
YUI LOCKS! Pupil limited campaign!!

2nd??????????????????Are you RED TOWEL???YES!!! I am RED TOWEL!!????????
“RED TOWEL??????”
In the 2nd tour, we were taking red towel, ?Are you RED TOWEL???YES!!! I am RED TOWEL!!? to greet someone
“RED TOWEL Campaign”

In the 3rd tour, Freely installing White whristband to decorate whrist!
If you happen see your friend using white whristband you will smile and talk to him/her,
“Laughing Whrisband Campaign”

Overall, as much as possible less costly, but you are freely to think, discuss, arrange it with nice to hear and the decided, of course, I think this time too with all the pupil let’s together think about the original campaign and let’s together heap up the tour!

???????????? 17?
Fukushima Prefecture, Akikan, boy, 17 years old
?Everyone make her/his hair parted on one side and let’s find friend with that hair too! Hair Parted On One Side Campaign!?

YUI????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????20???????
YUI-sensei : I think that is so interesting! But what about the girls? the girls also with that kind of hair? I’m so shock but it looks like run campaign. Akikan-kun, Thank you!!Your present is…20 picks!

?????RYOTARO???? 16?
Kanagawa Prefecture , RYOTARO, boy, 16 years old
?Col~d Campaign! Hanging blue towel in your head then saying about Cold pun! And then making friend with everyone who laughing! The title is,
Col~d Campaign!?

YUI??????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? 2?4?6?8?10????24?????????????
YUI-sensei : Cold puns has a great hurdle!? For example, Futon is Futton!, Isshobin is Isshoubin, is that kind of feeling!? How many should I give you?
2?4?6?8?10????24 picks! Thank you!

??????????? 15?
Hokkaido, Hisashi, boy, 15 years old.
?You came with wearing cap and If you find a friend wearing cap too then you do high five and talk with smiling face, High Five Campaign!?

YUI-sensei : If you say High five campaign! about 5 times it so difficult. Hisashi-kun, thank you~ I’m so happy! High five is happy, right? Then the pick is 5?6?7?8???21 picks for you!

????????????? 18?
??????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????”???????????” ???????????????????????????? “?????” ???????????????
Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamoton, girls, 18 years old
?Various color of HAPPIK Campaign!? We make a hole in the pick and we make it as necklace then we use it to go to live. If you find someone using necklace pick too, we ask “That is HAPPIK, right?” and we make friend! By the way, if we combined Happy and Pick, it would be “HAPPIK”. Please to consider it!

YUI-sensei : I think the name is so Happy, now, because I’m giving pick as present I thought it would be nice if we linked each other, the name feels cute too! The pick is give suddenly benefit, right? Ok, Kumamoto-chan is 5?6?7?8????17 picks for you!

??????????? 17?
Miyagi Prefecture, Panda, boy, 17 years old.
?I wonder is he/she whowearing yellow hat is my friend~? We think like that then take the hat and bowing. When wear a hat enter DACCHOU KURABU. To titled with Yellow KURURINPA Campaign!?

YUI ???????????????????????????????????????????????? (?) ?????????????????????????????????????????1?2?3?4?5???6????????????????????????????????????????????
YUI-sensei : I have did KURURINPA but. it so difficult. Ah,,if we not practice we can’t do it (laugh) Yellow Hat isn’t it. This, feels want to see it, right! Panda-kun is, Ah! just few…1?2?3?4?5???6 picks! Panda-kun, I think have a lot of feeling I want to send to you, pleace accept my gratitude feeling!

????M. ???????? 15?
?? ? Summer Song ???? “????????” ??????????????????????????????????????????????2???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????
Aichi Prefekture, Mr.Ruiiji, boy, 15 years old
?I, Because of the part “Makkana buruu da (blue bright red)” from Summer song lyric, I think it would be nice if using red and blue, both colors! Red bandana, Blue bandana, How about If I bring those two bandana!? The campaign name is simple, Let’s going with Makkana Buruu (blue bright red) Campaign!?

YUI???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????500?????? ????Mr?????????2?4?6?8?9??
YUI-sensei : I’m so happy..you sent it with song lyric included. It is so cute word isn’t it! there are some impact feeling. But, is bandana can be buy with 500 Yen? Well then, Mr.Ruiiji-kun is, 2?4?6?8?9 picks!

Everyone thanks for thinking about this, I was so happy~, Thank you-!!!

That was YUI-sensei, but EH? Number of picks we gave as present is 97!
We were planning to give 100 picks, so 3 picks left! Well then, let’s introduce one more!

Saitama Prefecture, Suriraa, boy, 14 years old
?Wave your hand to someone wearing glasses and yelling the campaign’s name “Oooooiiiiiii”, Sunglasses Campaiiiiiggggnnnnnn!!?

YUI?????????????????????????????????(?) ?????????3????????
YUI-sensei : Sunglasses, is it necessary!? is it looks like penetration is something necessary! well then, Suriraa is 3 picks! Thank you!

Still more and more, campaign project still in recruiting!
Because eveyone have preparation as much as possible ahead of time we will decide it.
To think of it, please send your mail to us!
Let’s heap up YUI-sensei tour!

YUI-sensei’s single word after class can be hear each week on the mobile site~??

M?Shake My Heart ? YUI
M?I do it ? YUI
M?es. car ? YUI

Source: TokyoFM

Special thanks to those that took part in this project:

aron94, Alicia, angelionsphere, asuna, azmikun, AznGFXboy, Badii, Diana, dso, Elrinz, GC., Gotchi, gunsolex, Ids, Kikino!, Kysel, lamevil, Marie Heang, Mikaelly-chan, mrsean, moonchild, natchi, Sakura, sakuraich, Suri, theskydancer, tsunvun86, unguanime, waratte, weirdmedol

Good job everyone!!!!


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