YUI LOCKS! BACK AGAIN (2010.09.13) — Translated report


9/13???????????? Summer Edition?
9/13??Paper Airplane Diary Summer Edition?

Translated by Kiki

? ????
? Parent’s divorce

YUI?? ???????? ?????????????????? ????????
???????? ????????NG ????????? ???????????
?????????? ?????????? 2????????
????? ?????????? ?????????????? ??2??????
????? ???????????? ???????????? to Mother ?????
YUI-sensei, my parents are divorcing, it’s still not been officially decided. I’m studying for university entry exams
and I must pass no matter what. Taking an extra exam is impossible because I need to help my mom and little sister with my part time job.
My foremost wish is to pass the exam so I study and work hard to help the to of them.
I’ll give my best. It’s nurse university, so they told me that doing both things will be really hard, but I’ll persist in order to help them
I’m grateful because thanks to my mother I can go to university despite her divorce.
to Mother is a good song.

2010/08/31 23:58
Natsuuji, female, 17, Kagawa

YUI-sensei: Thank you for your message, Natsuji-chan! I felt a big motivation.
I was thinking of her determination to move forward. But since you need to work so hard
Please, take a rest sometimes and work hard sometimes! Thank you very much!!

“Konban let’s laugh! HEY! HEY! HEY!”

??? 17? ????????????????????????????????!!
We adopted the opening greeting from ????-kun (lazy to translate)
We are not taking aplications or anything, but pupils use to send these kind of greetings.
Today “Let’s go with a smile in our face!, with that feeling we can feel POWER right?”
YUI-sensei adopted this greeting for it suited that feeling.

?YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN?????????????????
Okay now. The other day, it took place in wasIchihara City Meting Hall. YUI-sensei’s Tour
?YUI 4th Tour 2010 ?HOTEL HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN??. Everybody who went to visit!
Did Bakkana Buruu Campaing went well?

??????????????????????????? (??????)?
Makkana buruu campaing is…
(same as last report : P  )

YUI-sensei: minnasan, did you roll a red and blue bandanas and did a high five?
did you do a “shyfive”? please take a picture and send them! we are waiting.

??????????????????????? (?)
“Shytouch” is a very rare touch to do! (laughs)
Shy people and non shy people too! if you happen to see a person with rolled red and blue bandanas around their arms,
try to clap your hands ok? and send a picture of it!

???????YUI LOCKS!?????????????????????
??????????? Summer Edition?
?????????????????????????????????????? Summer Edition??

(Regular kamihikouki diary intro i’ve translated the same at least 5 times lol )

????? 2010?8?26?

Well then let’s introduce some!
8.21 Resolution journal
To go up to Mount Fuji’s summit and take a picture in the scenery
I climbed Mount Fuji, but when I thought of taking a picture in the scenery, the battery ran out.
So after that I took a picture with wooden sticks I used when climbing and I’m sending them! The scenery wa beautiful!

?????????? ????? (???) (15?)
Kamihikouki diary, Akira from Gifu, (15)

YUI-sensei: I wanted to gooo~ Mount Fuji! It’s a place I must go next time no matter what…
Realization diary arrived on 8.26!
The picture of the cloudy sight arrived, it’s really beautiful.
They do sell wooden sticks when you climb right? and it has a stamp in there, it makes you buy it by compulsion.
Thats what they say!  …I haven’t went there however.
When you climb time and time again, the number of stamps will increase
They will engrave memories in the sticks. I guess, but you sent that picture (I dont get this line gomen)
It was after you climbed right? Your facial expression gives me a really fresh impression.
It’s great right? because, it takes no less than 6 hours? it’s more right?!
I think it was very intense. Congratulations! it’s great! Thanks.


????? 2010?8?26?

This time there was a national convention of track-and-field events.
I will stand in the podium no matter what

Realization Diary 2010.08.06
My resolution was realized!
Middle school track-and-field events national convention. We stand in the podium for male relay competition!!
By the way, it was the 5th place (podium for 5th place?? lol)
Before the finals, I listened to GLORIA and in gave me courage ^^

?????????? ??????? (15?)
Kamihikouki Diary. Makoto Retsu from Aichi

YUI-Sensei: It’s great! A national convention! They only gather impressive people in there,
It’s a really big convention isn’t it? Realization diary from 08.26 have arrived!
The pictures arrived too! you are standing in the 5th place right? It’s great!
I think it’s difficult, so it was a great achievement isn’t it?
I think is great! You did your best~ Congratulations! Thanks a lot.

????? 2010?7?26?
Determination Diary 2010.07.26
this year’s summer… No. This year’s SUMMER I will think of a joke …No. a JOKE funny enough to make everybody burst of laughter!
(Maybe something like Lou Ochiba?)
Ah, But thinking in the season maybe its better a cold joke?

????? 2010?8?31?
Realization Diary 2010.08.31
Result was….. In laughter! complicated! In any case, from now on, to be caught on a roar of laughter (really bad translation)
to make everybody HAPPY-chan, I will concentrate.

?????????? ???
??????????? (16?)
Kamihikouki Diary, Rubberman’s Summer Heat Sensation from Kumamoto

YUI: Lovely!!!

????????????????? (?)
(Maybe something like Lou Ochiba? Ah, But thinking in the season maybe its better a cold joke?)
This diary used those brackets to complement (laughs)

YUI-Sensei: Rugger man-kun has summer heat?

…????? (?)!?
—- (laughs) ?!
Naah its lovely! SUMMER is joke material!  We received this from rubberman-kun’s realization diary!

YUI: The feeling of wishing to make everybody HAPPY is great…. Moshimoshi?

Rugger man: Hello?

YUI????????????????????????????? (?)!??
YUI: Domo~ Hello~!  Is it Rubberman’s summer heat sensation-kun (laughs)?!

Rugger man: Yes!

YUI???????????????????????????????????? (?)?
YUI: Thank you for your message sent to kamihikouki diary! An unexpectedly dandy voice isnt it? (laughs)
about ruggerman… are you in the rugby club?

Rugger man: Yes! It’s rugby club!

YUI: And why did you think of a joke to make everyone laugh out loud?

Rugger man: Well, I like to laugh, I think… To laugh is the best!

YUI: Then, Do you usually try “Ippatsugei” in class?!
(I dont know what “Ippatsugei” means… after watching some videos… I think its some funny catch phrase )

Rugger man: Yes, I do it often!

YUI?????????????????????i it???????????
YUI: In the end of summer vacations, is it ok if you tell me the title of your ippatsugei?

Rugger man: “”
I think ONEE is some kind of dialect / acent used to mimic a gay person in an humoristic way

YUI: onee?! Ah! I want to hear it too~. would you say it for me?!

Rugger man: Yes! Here it goes! Are you okayy? If you’re okay you can do anything! Here I go! 1, 2, 3 Dodosukooo!!

YUI: …Dodosuko?!

Rugger man: Dodosuko, is a word often used by onee people, they do it in TV. It’s meaning, I dont really understand!

??????????? (?) ?????????????????????
YUI: I see~! I wanna know! But surely from that strong voice, when the onee’s voice comes out, since I didn’t think of it
It was fun from the beginning (laughs) Besides, do you have a self confidence gag or something like that?
(Reaaaally hard part i didnt get a thing ;( )

??????????????????(???) ??????
Rugger man: I don’t have self confidence, but I have a joke!

YUI: perhaps… if you do it I will be happy~ I wanna see it!

Rugger man: Hai! I can do it!

YUI: Ah! does it has a title and all?!

Rugger man: “Bento’s song”

YUI: OK! please!

Rugger man: Korekurai no obento hako ni, onigiri, shirumeshi, raisu tsumete~. Kekkyoku zembu Meshi!

YUI: …I see!  that, try to do it onee style!

??????(!?) ???????????????????????????????????????????????????
Rugger man: ?Kore kurai no, Obeento baako ni, Uoonigiri, Shiirumeshi, Raaisu tsumetee. kekkyoku zembu meshi!

YUI: Aah~ so good! So amusing! Nice!

Rugger man: Well then, I will use it from now on!!

YUI: Please! let’s have HAPPY fun with everybody, you too, be HAPPY! Tomorrow too, do your best with the ippatsugei

Rugger man: Yes!

????????????????????????????????????? (?)
YUI-sensei: Rugger man-kun was fun right?
When he said “Let’s go with the ippatsugei” the tension over the phone was different, moe power came out (laughs)
what you would expect from a ruggerman! But to create a sensation with an ippatsugei is a really fantastic idea!
From now on, please scatter a lot of happines!

??????????? Summer Edition??????????????
Kamihikouki Diary Summer edition lesson have finished!
Please send your realization reports if you havent!

???9?16?(?) ????????????? !!
Also, YUI is in the midst of touring, there is a lot to do yet!
okay, 9.16 is Nagoya Century Hall!!
bla bla makkana buruu campaing

YUI-sensei’s single word after class can be heared each week on the mobile site~??

M?to Mother ? YUI
M?Never say die ? YUI