YUI-Lover Christmas Collaboration 2011 – Finished!



This Christmas season, YUI-Lover members wanted to share some Christmas spirit and get together to work on another collaboration CD! This is one of our first Christmas editions we have completed so we’ve included some Christmas songs, different renditions of YUI’s songs, song covers, and even an original song! We had Kikino from Collaboration 4, Nana, and myself (gotchi) work together to produce the great work completed by our fellow fansite members!

Many thanks to the supporters, participants, and fellow YUI-Lovers for the help and enthusiasm!

YUI-Lover Christmas Collaboration 2011

Full album link: Download here

CD Booklet (Web version): Download here

YUI-Lover.com Christmas Collaboration (2011)

01 HELLO [Suri x theskydancer x ShizukaSakura x arnoldonicolas]
02 Nobody Knows [theskydancer x jibba x arnoldonicolas]
03 Rain [Katsuko x AznGFXboy x Lena x Hatsumichan x arnoldonicolas]
04 no Reason [Aki no ha x helder155 x Tetsuo x Kikino! x arnoldonicolas]
05 Muffler [Jibba x theskydancer]
06 Winter Hot Music [Suri x by8n7]
07 Green a.live [Sora]
08 U-niform [chinatsu x gie_argi]
09 es.car [Lena x Suri x theskydancer x lamevil x Ids x natchi x pmmonkey x tsunvun86 x arnoldonicolas]
10 Kiss me [Lena x gie_argi]
11 YOU [tsunvun86 x azmikun]
12 Navidad (Cooking Spanish Christmas Version) [Suri x Lena x Kikino! x arnoldonicolas]
13 YUI????????????(Original song) [Cyclo x aki no ha x Jan-rarufu x rui desu x Jun Ando]
14 We wish you a Merry Christmas [gotchi x Aki x cyclo x littlewhitesocks x arnoldonicolas]
15 Last Christmas (Ukulele Acoustic Version) [STEPHAPEE x gotchi]


Coordinator, Producer: gotchi
Printing, Shipping: gotchi
Jacket, CD Art Design: Kikino!, nana
Design Supervisor: gotchi, nana, Kikino!
Supporters & sponsors: YUI-Lover Fansite & Community


YUI-Lover Participants/YUI-????????
??????? Australia: ShizukaSakura, tsunvun, jibba
????  Brazil: Aki no ha, helder155, Tetsuo
??? Canada: gotchi, STEPHAPEE
?? Chile: Katsuko, Kikino!
?????? Indonesia: azmikun, chinatsu, gie_argi, nana
?? Japan: Jun Ando, Hatsumichan, sora
????? Malaysia: Kit Fong, pmmonkey
????? Philippines: Jan-Rarufu, rui desu, theskydancer
?????? Singapore: cyclo, lamevil, natchi, xerith
???? Spain: Lena, suri.
?????? The Netherlands: ids.
???? United Kingdom: CHU-LIP, pwrtsm
???? USA: by8n7, Vinsu
????? Venezuela: arnoldonicolas




I’ve wrapped our work together nicely and ‘branded’ haha the package with our updated logo this year.
(To be honest, I’m not sure how I’m going to “out beat” this quality for the next Collaboration project hahaha we’ll see then~~)
Now, we just have to wait and see if YUI-net.com or any YUI Staff members will let us know when they receive our gift!


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