YUI Performs at Summer Sonic 2011


? August 14th 2011 SUMMER SONIC 2011 MOUNTAIN STAGE

01. HELLO ?Paradise Kiss?
03. CHE.R.RY
04. Your Heaven
05. ?????? (Tsubasa wo Kudasai)
06. It’s My Life
07. Rolling star
08. I do it
09. YOU

Report by akabaneouji

Shocking! Today they are not wearing blue polo shirts! everybody is wearing usual clothes. YUI was wearing a ponytail with a red hairband, a sleeveles onepiece dress that looks like a striped pajamas? High red heels and a huge earring. Today’s audience are the winners, because you could see YUI’s armpits the whole time.
(I was always curious about her pun in that amidakuji video about her shirt. Border means striped design on clothes. board= boodo, border= booda xP)

“The weather is nice today right? I’m sorry for having the shade only for me” YUI was worried of the audience under blazing sun.
When Your Heaven ended, she said: “I think it’s way too hot in here. Osaka is the best!”

Again today, thinking of Tohoku, the time came for “Tsubasa wo Kudasai” At the moment everybody sang in a chorus , YUI seemed as if she was going to cry but somehow managed not to.

“I will introduce the light band members” and “I’m talking with a light accent, I wonder why” YUI said laughing.

Today, it looks like the PA were alternating, because of their bad physical health
(PA: Public Address. People in charge of the sound mixing. It looks like there wasn’t a supervisor in charge at that time, and YUI’s voice couldn’t be heard good enough)

A “dosu dosu” sound could be heard from the stage nearby, so she said: “Aah I can hear that. I wanna go to see!”
“Looks like for being too excited someone fell and knocked their guitar…“ And YUI damaged her guitar.
(For being way too excited she ended up knocking her own guitar with something. She changed guitars in a hurry in the middle of the performance. At that point she couldn’t sing.)

“Ooki ni!”
(“Thank you!” in Osaka dialect)

As I expected she shouted “SUMMER SONIC!” at Rollings star intro.

This day, since It’s My Life, YUI seemed like having a lot of fun. She couldn’t sing for being laughing, forgetting the lyrics at times.

Lastly, with her exposed armpits, she waved to the audience an threw a pick, leaving worried of everyone’s health.
From the three summer festivals, probably this is the stage that turned out better.

Again with the armpit talk… xD

Thanks a lot to waratte and Blackdog for his assistance in the translation.

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